Mr Ponte - Y11 - Germany and Votes for Women

This is a collection of the resources we have used in class

Vietnam War Webquest - Your task in pairs is to create an analysis of the Vietnam from either an American or Vietnamese perspective

You need to read and use a range of sources from below to justify the war or denounce the war from your point of view.

You will present it next Monday in class and convince us of your lines of arguments.

1. Click [here] to learn about the history of Vietnam.

  • Briefly describe  the background to the    Vietnam War. Answer the following questions:

  1. How did         Vietnam        end up being split into two?

  2. Why did the         US        get involved?

  3. Who was Ho Chi Minh?

  4. Who were the Vietcong?

2. Click [here] to learn about the Gulf of Tonkin. Answer these questions

  • What was the Gulf    of     Tonkin        resolution?

  • Why was it necessary (what had happened in the Gulf    of Tonkin)?       

3. Click [here] to learn about the Tet offensive.

  • What was the Tet  offensive?

4. Click [here] to learn about Guerilla warfare.

  • Describe    Guerilla warfare.

5. Click [here] to read about "trouble on the home front".

  • Why    was support for the war declining?

6. Click [here] to read about 1960's counter-culture.

  • What was the  counter-culture and how did    it relate to         Vietnam

7. Click [here] to learn about the antiwar movement
  • What were the different ways that students protested the war effort?
8. Click [here] to learn about Woodstock
  • Describe Woodstock in 2-3 paragraphs
9. Click [here] to learn about the violence of the antiwar movement
  • Of the seven different examples listed, which 2 do you believe to be the worst? Why?

10. Click [here] to read the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind".

  • What is Bob Dylan  trying to say with these    lyrics? How do you think he felt about the war?

11. Click [here] to view a photo gallery of pictures from Vietnam.

  • Choose 5  categories and describe 5 photos    from each. (Yes, that is 25 photos!)