Some Summer Watching (and Reading)

You should aim to cover as broad a range of political literature to familiarise yourself with the political institutions and concepts you will be studying from September. TV programmes to watch out for include ‘Newsnight’, ‘Question Time’, ‘The Politics Show’ and the BBC Parliament channel (Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions is worth a watch).


  • How Democracy works in the UK by comedian Danny Wallace

  • How the House of Commons works   

  • The role and work of the House of Lords

  • How parliament works

  • How General Elections work

  • Look around the pressure group Liberty’s website to get a feel for some of the issues associated with civil rights/civil liberty disputes

  • Take the ‘Vote Match’ quiz to find out what political party your ideology matches up with



Some Reading:

Read current articles from ‘The Economist’ (Bagehot), The New Stateman, The Spectator.

Click here for the What is Politics article?

Click here for the How to read newspapers by Andrew Marr

Some Action:

You could also join or volunteer with a political party or a pressure group. Being active in politics is a good say to learn.



Finally, and really importantly, get into the habit of reading a newspaper/news website on a regular basis. A developing knowledge of current events is essential to success in Politics. We encourage discussion and debate about current issues so make sure you are informed!


See you in September!

This section will give you an update from AQA. Go into this to find the specification for the course both in Year 12 and Year 13.

Click here for the powerpoint and groupings

Click here for the powerpoint and groupings

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Many thanks

Mr McDermott July 2014