HOMEWORK 2nd March 2016

How far was British society changed 1890 – 1918?

LO: to make an in-depth* timeline of British history 1890 – 1918

*In-depth: Not just dates and acts - think about changing attitudes, strengths/limitations of acts or changes, change/continuity

Tip: Colour-code the different areas: Liberal reforms, women & war

Start by using your class notes and textbook. If you prefer to do it by hand that is fine.

Use this as a starting point / check list:

Government & people

Votes for Women

Britain in WW1

Attitudes to poor at turn of century

Poor law / charity provisions for the poor

Work of social reformers

Political pressures for changes

1906 landslide victory

*Liberal reforms – strengths and limitations*



Attitudes towards women at turn of century

The development of suffrage campaign groups – NUWSS & WSPU

Early campaigning

Direct action

The dropping of reform bills

Escalation of militancy

Government reaction – e.g force feeding & cat and mouse act

The death of Emily Davidson

Start of the war

Getting the vote in 1918

Government’s changing role


Asquith as PM

Munitions Crisis

Lloyd-George’s role

Recruitment and conscription

Propaganda and censorship

Crisis of morale

Food shortages

Women’s role in the war

Total war

Women getting the vote in 1918


1918 – how much had changed?

In 1918 the Representation of the People Act gave the vote to some women.

How was this achieved? In this gallery you are going to examine the contribution of different groups.


Then, using the sources and information in the case studies, you can create your own web exhibition - an online 'Hall of Fame' of campaigners for women's suffrage. 

Click on the Big Question to find out more.

Click here for the link to the National Archives sources

  • Task 1: Click here for the research table
  • Click here for the link to the moderate suffragist gallery sources that you will be working in groups to investigate
  • Click here for the link to the militant suffragette gallery sources
  • Click here for the link to the differences between the suffragist and suffragette sources
  • Click here for Task 2 in groups choose your 9 sources you are going to put in the Hall of Fame

The vote for women - or women's suffrage

UPDATED - Three most recent GCSE PAPER 2 Questions on the Women's Suffrage Movement

Click here for 2007 Paper - Key question: 'The suffragettes did more harm than good to the campaign for votes for women'

Click here for 2006 Paper - Key question: "Government propaganda failed to convince the British public to support for WW1"

Click here for 2004 Paper with excellent detail from sources D - G about the role of women in war time - attempt the questions related to these sources as they could be repeated this summer!

Click here for 2003 Paper - Key question: "Women were given the vote in 1918 as a reward for their work during the war"

Paper 2 revision - Click here for the advice from the exam board

Click here for some excellent advice for source questions on a podcast

Click here for the background to why women felt they deserved the vote

Click here for an excellent resource on why and how women got the vote

Click here on revision notes on the Suffragettes and Votes for Women

Click here for an excellent recap on the votes for women campaign

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