Keep up to date with American politics by reading the selection of articles from the internet. Make best use of them by selecting the examples and adding them to your notes for Units 3 and 4.

Aim to understand the key themes;



Legislative process

Scrutiny and oversight

Included here are worksheets for Mr Grinham's side of the course.

This is an essential starting point for understanding US government and its branches and layers. Here you will cover the historical context, the main principles of the constitution and the key strengths and weaknesses of the constitution.

'It's not just the president'.

The president and the executive branch carry out their duties and functions under the rules of Article 2 constitution, which lays down the methods of election, rules of office, and the powers and checks to the office.

Power of the President

Constraints of the President

Resources of the President - VP / Cabinet / EXOP / Fed bureaucracy

Here we will focus on the power of the Supreme Court as the 'guardian' of the codified Constitution and its entrenched rules. There is NO similar institution in the UK. A key theme for this topic is the debate over the Court's 'political' as opposed to 'judicial' role.

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Below are a list of relevant resources for you to look at and read

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Obama pamphlet:

President Obama “In His Own Words”:

“Free at Last” – Civil Rights pamphlet:

Obama-Lincoln YouTube clip:


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