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    Vietnam War Webquest - Your task in threes is to create an analysis of the Vietnam War from either an American or Vietnamese perspective

    You need to read and complete 3 exercises from below to justify the war or denounce the war from your point of view.

    You will present your PowerPoints on Thursday in class. Aim for a good mix of visuals and texts (try to limit yourself to key points; don’t copy and paste large chunks of text).

    1. Click [here] to learn about the history of Vietnam.

    • Briefly describe  the background to the    Vietnam War. Answer the following questions:

    1. How did         Vietnam        end up being split into two?

    2. Why did the         US        get involved?

    3. Who was Ho Chi Minh?

    4. Who were the Vietcong?

    2. Click [here] to learn about the Gulf of Tonkin. Answer these questions

    • What was the Gulf    of     Tonkin        resolution?

    • Why was it necessary (what had happened in the Gulf    of Tonkin)?       

    3. Click [here] to learn about the Tet offensive.

    • What was the Tet  offensive?

    4. Click [here] to learn about Guerilla warfare.

    • Describe    Guerilla warfare.

    5. Click [here] to read about "trouble on the home front".

    • Why    was support for the war declining?

    6. Click [here] to read about 1960's counter-culture.

    • What was the  counter-culture and how did    it relate to         Vietnam

    7. Click [here] to learn about the antiwar movement
    • What were the different ways that students protested against the war?Impact?
    8. Click [here] to learn about Woodstock
    • Describe Woodstock in 2-3 paragraphs

    9. Click [here] to read the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind".

    • What is Bob Dylan  trying to say with these    lyrics? How do you think he felt about the war?

    10. Click [here] to view a photo gallery of pictures from Vietnam.

    • Choose 3  categories and describe 5 photos from each. (Yes, that is 15 photos!)
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