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    Year 11 Work Experience : Link2+ instructions

    Now you should have your unique PIN code, you can log onto Web View and choose your placements.

    First, visit

    Then enter your full name as it appears on your sticker and your PIN.

    Next step: read this user's guide.

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      Year 11 Work Experience: School Assembly Presentation

      What's it all about?

      Click below to view the PowerPoint about your work experience.

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      Year 11 Work Experience

      Got an enquiry about Work Experience? Not sure about something? Read through the following Frequently Asked Questions. If your query is still not answered, ask Mr Budarkiewicz.

      Frequently asked questions about Work Experience

      What is the aim of Work Experience?

      The purpose of the work experience exercise is to show the students the process of applying for a job and the reality of life in the working environment. It will cover investigating jobs available, applying for positions, producing Curriculum Vitaes, contacting employers and sometimes pre placement interviews. The week long placement provides experience of forging work relationships with colleagues and in some instances customers. One of the aims of work experience is that it is student driven and that boys take responsibility for ensuring that they complete the all the processes necessary, to the timescales specified, to obtain a job. The work experience week is not designed to be vocationally tailored to each specific student.

      Why is it arranged through Youth Connexions?

      By using the Link2+ system pupils get a wide variety of jobs and locations to select from, all of which have been assessed on safety grounds by Youth Connexions.

      What role to parents need to play?

      Although student driven, the Link2+ system does enables parents to see the work experience placements available and discuss them with their sons. It is important that parents become involved early, particularly during the investigation of positions available. Parents need to ensure that they are happy with the selections made prior to the students submitting their choices. After this time allocations will be made on the basis of the students’ choices.

      It is helpful if parents could remind their sons to check carefully that they will be able to get to and from the placements they are selecting. In addition some placements shown are age specific and/or require particular clothing. Please remind your sons to bear these factors in mind when making their selections.

      What if I do not like the placement offered?

      By being involved before your sons make their choices this situation will hopefully not arise. However, sometimes employers are unable to accept students during a particular period. If this happens an alternative placement will be selected from the pool remaining.

      Why do arrangements have to be made so early?

      The pool of jobs available on Link2+ is open to all students in Hertfordshire. By starting the process early it allows boys more choice in the placements that are available and allows time for all the necessary agreements to be completed.

      What if I would like my son to go to an employer not on the Link2+ system?

      It is possible for you to arrange a private placement for your son. The employer's will need to be prepared to be visited by a Youth Connexions Health and Safety Officer prior to the placement. Please bear in mind that there will be a cost involved for this of £45 in county and £60 out of county.

      The Private Placement Form needs to be completed on the Link2+ system and submitted as soon as possible.

      Is this my son's only chance of work experience?

      This is the only work experience arranged via the school. It is however always open to parents to make whatever work experience visits they feel would be beneficial to their sons during holiday times. This would of course be a private arrangement between yourselves and the employer in question.

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        Year 11 Work Experience

        Letter to parents


                    16th January 2015

        Dear Parents,


        Year 11 Work Experience


        As part of the Careers Education and Guidance programme offered at WBGS all Year 11 boys will undertake a week long work experience placement in the summer term after the completion of their GCSE examinations. The dates for this are 29thJune – 3rd July 2015. Your son has already been given details during assembly.


        Youth Connexions provide placements to cover the whole year group, paid for by the school. Preparation for work experience will be delivered through assemblies and form times.


        Boys will need to use their own time to research placements using the online placement system called LINK2+ at This system worked with great success in previous years. LINK2+ will become live for our boys on Monday 9th February. Boys will be given a unique personal identification number (PIN) that will enable them to view available placements and make six choices in order of preference. You will be able to view this system with your son at home. The placements will be allocated on a first come first serve basis from Monday 9th February. The deadline for your son to have chosen his placement is Friday 20th March. Parental consent forms issued for you to sign and return (a legal requirement).


        No student will be forced to undertake a placement that you deem totally unsuitable: alternative options will be provided. However, please ensure that you are happy with the choices your son makes before he submits them. A realistic attitude has been of great help in the past.


        There is also the opportunity for your son to arrange a private placement. Frequently we have found this to provide the best work experience. Interested students need to complete the online Private Placement Form as soon as possible or by the very latest  Friday 20th March. This is to accommodate internal administration. Youth Connexions will then process it against strict health and safety criteria to ensure your son’s safety. The placement will incur a fee of £45 for a placement in Hertfordshire or £60 out of county. 


        All relevant information and forms, including this letter will be available on the schools’ Moodle website or simply follow this link Year 11 Work Experience. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone or at


        Yours faithfully,



        Mr J Budarkiewicz

        Careers and Work Experience Co-ordinator


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          Work experience update March 2015

          You have now either:

          • been allocated one of your choices on Link2+
          • not yet selected a placement!
          • submitted a private placement form

          If you fall into the first category you will shortly be issued a PARENTAL AGREEMENT. This needs to be completed and returned to the school office as soon as possible.

          It is only upon receipt of this agreement that we can proceed and contact the employer to confirm the placement. If there are any problems with the placement you have been allocated then you must inform me at the earliest opportunity.

          Following this, you will then receive details about your placement and will be instructed on contacting them, sending a copy of your cv and arranging an interview.

          If you have not yet selected a placement on Link2+ you need to do so by the 20th March.

          If you have applied for a private placement, deadline of 20th March, then Youth Connexions will be carrying out checks on this.

          Mr Budarkiewicz.     March 2015