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  • General

    Next meeting: Wednesday 23rd November, Room 202, 1.00.  Topic: globalisation of diseaase - HIV, Obesity.  Presentation by Nisal Weerakoon.

    The Malthusian Crisis. Is there enough food & other resources for the world's growing population? What does the current rise in food prices mean for future global food security? Article:

    Video (the first one is from Fox News so handle with care!) the Economist: worth reading some of the comments below the main article.

  • Topic 1

    Climate change revision

    click here for Paul's documents - 1.11.2

    • Topic 2

      Impact of Pakistan Floods

      An excellent case study produced by Edexcel that covers issues of climate change and river flooding.

      Click here. Complete the questions at the end.

      • Topic 3

        Impact of Icelandic Volcano eruption 2010

        Click here for an excellent case study on this eruption produced by Edexcel. Complete activities at the end to revise.

        • Topic 4

          Consequences of Copenhagen Summit 2009

          Click here for an excellent case study for Unit 1 on the implications of the Copenhagen climate change summit, produced by Edexcel. Complete the activities at the end for revision.

          • Topic 11

            • Topic 12