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    A2 Level German Specification (2660)

    Please see for more information.

    A2 outline

    The A2 course will cover:

    • Environment: pollution, energy and protecting the planet
    • The multi-cultural society: immigration, integration and racism
    • Contemporary social issues: wealth and poverty, law and order and the impact of scientific and technological progress
    • Cultural topic: the study of a target language speaking region/community or the study of a period of 20th century history from a target language-speaking country/community or the study of a novelist/dramatist/poet from a target language-speaking country/community or the study of a director/architect/musician/painter from a target language-speaking country/ community.

    The A2 specification has 2 units:

    Unit 3: Listening, Reading and Writing


    Externally Examined

    Written Paper: 2 hours 30 minutes
    Weighting: 35% of total A Level marks

    Listening, Reading and Writing.

    Candidates will answer a range of questions based on approximately 6 minutes of heard material and on a selection of written texts. They will also respond in writing to a question based on one of the four A2 cultural topic areas.

    The stimulus material for the Listening sections of specimen Unit 3 is available as a written transcript and as an electronic sound file. The material is not available on cassette tape or on CD. These arrangements apply to the specimen material only. Centres will be informed in due course of the arrangements for the examinations for the new specifications in January 2009 and beyond.

    Unit 4: Speaking Test


    Speaking Test 35 minutes (including 20 minutes preparation time)
    Weighting: 15% of total A Level marks


    Candidates will present a point of view based on a target-language stimulus card from one of the A2 topic areas and take part in a conversation covering two further A2 topics.

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      'A' Level German Useful Websites German grammar podcasts - everything you ever needed to know! (Good for most topics and revision of grammar) (To accompany the AQA AS Level German textbook) (All topics in Y12 and Y13) (some useful information) (useful articles and listening materials including the infamous "langsam gesprochene Nachrichten") (Goethe Institute London - many useful cultural links)

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        A2 Level German Guide

        Click here for an electronic version of the A2 Level German student guide