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  • General

    Introduction to A2 American Government and Politics(for Lower Sixth Summer Term)

    For the remainder of the school term you will be getting a general introduction to American Government as well as more detailed knowledge about the constitution.

    Please print off the copy of the constitution below or else get a copy from Room 105. Most textbooks have a copy at the end.

    Click here for the 60 questions which go with the materials above. 

    Click here for the materials which will enable you to complete the second task on the modern American political context. Again, print these off and answer the questions provided below.

    Click here for the questions to go with the above task.

    Click here for the powerpoint which gives the historical context to the American constitution.

  • Topic 1

    Course outline 

    There are 4 units which are covered over the two years. You will be examined on Units 1 and 2 in Year 12 and Units 3 and 4 in Year 13. The first year will be focused on British Politics and the second year will be focussing on American politics.


    Every second year the History and Politics department go to Washington D.C to get a closer look at how the system works in America.

    Click here to look at the specification in detail.

    You will be studying the following units;

    Unit 1 GOVP1 'People, Politics and Participation'

    Unit 2 GOVP2 'Governing modern Britain'

    Unit 3 GOVP3a 'The Politics of the USA'

    Unit 4 GOVP4a 'The Government of the USA'

    Click here for a specimen paper on Unit4a

    Click here for a specimen paper on Unit 3a

    • Topic 2

      Revision for Units 3 and 4

      Areas of focus;

      • Work through the key terms for each topic. You will need to explain these for the 10 mark questions.
      • Practice 30 mark questions. Remember the key aims for a 30 mark essay. Remember balance and a range of detailed points.
      • Examples - how detailed are your examples? Are they contemporary? Do you evaluate their significance?
      • How well do you link your points to the question?
      • Do you refer to key political concepts?
      • Do not ignore A/S!! You will be marked on how you 'pull' together your learning from the two use those examples.

      Click here for the revision focus sheet which we went through in class.

      click here for some past questions from AQA.

      • Topic 3

        Revision for Units 1+2

        Click here for Jan. 2009 Paper 1

        Click here for Jan. 2009 Paper 2

        Click here for June 2009 Paper 1

        Click here for June 2009 Paper 2

        Click here for Jan. 2010 Paper 1

        Click here for Jan. 2010 Paper 2

        Click here for June 2010 Paper 1

        Click here for June 2010 Paper 2

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