Topic outline

  • General

    PS Cartoon characters and Photoshop

    In this unit you will create your own cartoon character (line drawing) and use Photoshop Elements to edit it. You will then use the finished picture to make a card.

    • Topic 1

      Introduction to drawing cartoon characters

      Click here for an example of a simple full size character and click here for the colour version after it's been "Photoshopped".

      Click here for a more complex drawing and click here for the Photoshopped version.

      • Topic 2

        Introduction to Photoshop Elements

        In your My Documents create a new Year 7 folder called DT.

        Click on these 2 photos and save them to your DT folder - skyline and bright sky. You are going to merge them together.

        Click here to open a tutorial that will show you how to merge the images.

        Click here for a set of video tutorials - look at sections 6.8 and 9.

        • Topic 3

          Editing your drawing using Photoshop

          You will learn a variety of skills including how to:

          • Use the selection tools such as the Magic Wand
          • Use layers
          • Modify and merge photos
          • Add colour and gradients
          • Use lighting effects such as lens flare
          • Draw pictures using the pen and brush tools
          • Topic 4

            Using your cartoon character to make a card

            Now that you have finished editing your drawing you are going to import it into MS Publisher to make a card.

            1. Once you are happy with the cartoon you have edited in Photoshop, you need to save it as a jpeg file. Go to the file menu, choose "save as" and give the file a new name with .jpg on the end. Important - in the drop-down list below you must also change the format to JPG!!

            2. Save then open one of these Microsoft Publisher templates for your card:

            3. On page 1 (the front page) use Insert-Picture-from file to insert the .jpg file that you saved in step 1.

            4. If your image doesn't already have a background you can add this to page 1 in Publisher

            5. Add greetings text on page 3 of the card (the inside)

            6. When you have finished the card save the Publisher file with a name in the format <card yourname yourform>.

            7. Copy the file (select the file and use copy, or drag it, but don’t use save as) to your teacher's work postbox.

            8. Your teacher will print it on card on the colour printer and give it to you in the next lesson

            • Topic 5

              Assessment of your drawing and card

              Click here for a self-assessment sheet you can use to evaluate your drawing and card.

              • Topic 6

                Extension tasks

                When you've finished your card, click here for a game to test your Photoshop knowledge.

                Go back to the video tutorials (link in section 2) and modify a photo using tools that you haven't tried before.

                • Topic 7

                  Teacher notes

                  Click here for a presentation that shows examples of designs and photos that have been created or modified using Photoshop

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