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    YEAR 11 EPS

    Please Click here for a full outline of the Year 11 EPS course

  • 21 July - 27 July


    Revision Techniques and Exam preparation

    aHave a look at the following You Tube clips for some great ideas on how to maximise you revision:

    1. Konnie's Revision Tips 1
    2. Konnie's Revision Tips 2
    3. Konnie's Revision Tips 3

    It is vital that you plan your time carefully. Use the following documetns to help you do this:

    1. Time planner
    2. Mock exam revision timetable

    Watch this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3dUxm_Co6M ) created by Justin Craig Education and some Year 10 drama students from another school - well worth a look!

    For the more "IT" amongst you, check out this free exam revision website -http://getrevising.co.uk/. It very quick to register and you can create your own exam timetable and access exam notes for lots of different subjects.

    • 28 July - 3 August

      Mental health


      Lesson One:  Mental Health 

      1. We suggest you watch 'A Beautiful Mind'
      2. The school library has lots of books on mental health and stress

      Lesson Two: Different Types of Mental Health

      1. Major mental health illness categories are discussed in this YouTube clip by Dr Jennifer Trihoulis -  Categories of mental health illness.
      2. There are many different conditions that are recognized as mental illnesses. The more common types can be found at the following website: Common Types of mental health. Use the following worksheet to help you with your research: Mental Illness

       If you want to have another go at the mental health quiz clik here:


      Or try the following quiz to see if your knowledge of mental health has improved by beating your previous score!!


      Lesson Three: Ways to deal with Stress


      1. What makes me stressed?
      2. Why do I get stressed?
      3. How do I deal with stress?

      Take the Stress Test to see how stressed you are: 

                                              stress test

      Try listening to calming music again.  Remember to:

      • Find somewhere on your own.
      • Get rid of any distractions.
      • Play any music that you find calming or click on the following:

             Sea     moon    
      • Remember don't do anything .......just relax and enjoy the music.        


      • 4 August - 10 August



        Lesson One: PowerPoint - Marriage and Divorce Issues

        Things we will consider in this lesson:

        1. Why do people get married?
        2. Pros and cons of getting married?
        3. Cost of getting married.
        4. Why do people get divorced?
        5. Your perfect partner.


        Look at the following document for the 'right' and 'wrong' reasons for getting married and the top 10 reasons why someone gets divorced.

        Other things you might like to do:

        The library has lots of books on marriage and divorce.

        1. We recommend you watch 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'
        2. We recommend you watch 'Brokeback Mountain'

        • 11 August - 17 August

          Post 16 CHOICES

          Your choice

          Lesson One: Post-16 Choices

          There are lots of options for Post-16 study.  Look at the following websites to research the courses that interest you.

          1. Connexions
          2. Government website on post 16
          3. WGSB Moodle section on Careers
          4. Life tracks on post 16

          Download the following document to hepl you make notes on the above choices: 'Post-16 My Choices'


          Lesson Two:

          1. Work post 16
          2. Setting up a bank account
          3. post 16 financial choices
          • 18 August - 24 August

            Racism and Stereotypes

            • 25 August - 31 August

              • 1 September - 7 September

                • 8 September - 14 September

                  • 15 September - 21 September

                    • 22 September - 28 September